Krane Ratings International is a corporation dedicated to the growth, advancement, and recognition of Sport Karate and it’s competitors. Krane Ratings International currently certifies officials and scorekeepers, upgrades tournament standards, sanctions reputable tournaments, renders a “rated” status to competitors, establishes a Krane Ratings circuit of champions. Additionally, it provides two different circuits for competitors to earn ratings; the World Circuit and the State Championship tour. For more information about Krane Ratings International, please contact, Krane Ratings International, P.O. Box 279, Acton, ME, 04001, (207) 477-2748

KRANE Membership
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Join now and you will receive:
• Krane Membership Card
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• Krane World and State Ratings points
• Access to Ratings on our Internet Website

Tournament Sanctioning
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What are the benefits of sanctioning with Krane?

• Draw from hundreds of Krane ranked competitors
• Krane certified officials at your event
• Coverage and listing of your event in Sport Karate Magazine
• Your event advertised on the internet through America Online and Martial Arts World
• Access to Tournament Promoters Manual and live consultation and support from Krane headquarters for first time tournament promoters
• Support from other Krane promoters and schools
• Advertisement of your event in literally thousands of schools and homes nationwide via the Krane calendar