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& Amateur Internationals

Sacramento, California, USA
December 26th - 31st, 2010

The 2010 World Games are in

Sacramento, California, USA


The Super Grands will be Sunday, December 26 ending Friday, December 31 with the new point kickboxing on Tuesday, December 28 with a possible kickboxing show the evening of January 1. It all starts with pre-registration on the 25 and 26 and finalizes with a New Year's Eve Party bash like we have several times before. While we know this cramps the Christmas holiday we simply had very little choice when it was all thought out.

You may want to hold off on your flight back home and plan a couple extra days for the exciting kickboxing action or some time to visit San Francisco (1 1/2 hours away - voted for over 10 years as the number 1 vacation destination in the USA) www.onlyinsanfrancisco/what_to_do/ or explore Sacramento’s 10 museums ( www.sacramentomuseums.org ) Old Town Sacramento ( www.oldsacramento.com , the world renown Sonoma wine country (1/2 hour away) ( www.sonomavalley.com )or visit the original gold discovery at Sutter's Mill just 1/2 hour away ( www.coloma.com/gold/ ). We also urge you to consider flights into San Francisco (SFO) or Reno (RNO) and rent a car as the fights from your area to those cities may be much cheaper than Sacramento (SMF).


The Super Grands brochure is nearly complete and will debut at the Mexican Open in Acapulco September 3-4. It will also be online in a couple of weeks (www.nblskil.com). The hotel (www.sacramento.doubletree.com) and airport shuttle (To Be Announced) can be booked online and we hope to accomplish online Super Grands registration as well with optional credit card payment this year.


This year’s venue is the Sacramento Doubletree Hotel. Yes, their famous warm chocolate chip cookies upon check-in – a Doubletree tradition. Hotel suites and larger guest rooms are limited and only obtainable through the NBL (call us at 716-763-1111 if interested). We negotiated an extremely good room rate for California at $129 per night. You might want to book a tentative reservation ASAP as the hotel will sell out. Then adjust your dates as need be after you book your flight arrangements. The Doubletree is located directly across the street from Sacramento's enormus Arden Mall ( www.ardenfair.com ) so you’ll have plenty of opportunity for California shopping.

Like last year, the best rates for Super Grands entry fees will require you to be registered at the tournament hotel (except local attendees with certain zip codes). Entry fees will increase approximately $60 per division if you’re not staying at the Doubletree. All this information will be on our website www.nblskil.com in a couple of weeks.

Hotel Reservations - www.sacramento.doubletree.com
Use Super Grands code "NBL"
Phone - 916-929-8855 x 55 or 800-222-8733

Airport Shuttle - To Be Announced

Tournament Information - www.nblskil.com
Phone - 716-763-1111
Email - info@nblskil.com


Tournament Information
Phone - 716-763-1111
Mail - info@nblskil.com

How to Fill in a Player Card for the Super Grands and Amateur Int'ls

If you have any doubts on how to properly fill your player cards with your NBL or SKIL rankings, please click on How to - Super Grands Player's Cards for NBL for How to - Amateur Int'ls Player's Cards for SKIL and follow the simple and easy instructions. You can pre-register as soon as the FINAL NBL or SKIL Ratings are available online in OCTOBER

7-11pm Registration
11am World Team Registration 7:27pm NBL Team Forms, Self Defense,
12pm World Team Championship Breaking, Jr, Team Sparring, Weapons,
1-11pm Registration Filipino Stick Fighting
9-5pm Registration 7:27pm Team Grand Finale - Junior & Adult Teams
12pm NBL - Junior Kenpo Forms, Musical, Weapons, Point Sparring, . Adult Kenpo & Soft Forms, Men’s Team Sparring
Amateurs - Musical Forms, Creative Weapons, BB Divisions
8-5pm Registration 7:27pm Grand Finale 1 - Junior Point Sparring, Weapons, Japanese, Kenpo & SD
10am NBL - Junior - Soft, Japanese & Musical Forms, Creative & Traditional Weapons
Adult - Soft Forms, Point Sparring
Amateurs - Japanese Forms, Musical Weapons
IKF Point Kickboxing©
8-1pm Registration 7:27pm Grand Finale 2 - Adult Point Sparring, Weapons, Soft & SD
10am NBL - Junior - Musical & Creative Forms, Continuous Sparring
- Adult - Japanese Forms, Traditional Weapons
Amateurs - Musical, Japanese & Korean Forms
8-1pm Registration
10am NBL - Junior - Musical and Korean Forms 2:27pm Grand Finale 3 - Junior Continuous
Sparring, Contemporary and Korean
- Adult - Creative, Musical & Korean Forms, Continuous Sparring 7:27pm Grand Finale 4 - Adult Continuous, Sparring, Contemporary and Traditional Forms
Amateurs - Traditional Weapons, SD, Breaking, Team Spar, BB Divisions
8-1pm Registration 6:30pm Super Show - Awards Banquet and Overall Grandchampionships
11pm New Year’s Party
10am Amateurs - Contemporary Forms, Sparring, BB Divisions, Handicapable
7:27pm IKF Muay Thai Kickboxing Show