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Super Grands
World Games XXVII
December 26-31, 2016

The 2016 Super Grands World Games will be held at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Please read the following info about booking your guest room for 2016. Even though the tournament is held entirely in the Embassy Suites Hotel, you have a choice of staying in the Embassy Suites or the adjacent Marriott Hotel. The Marriott guest room tower is joined to the Embassy Finale Atrium via an enclosed walking bridge over the street. Remember you must stay at one of these two Super Grands hotels to receive the discounted player registration fees. All guest room reservations must be accompanied by a first night room deposit. Cancellations or room night reductions can be made up until 14 days prior to your arrival without penalty. You will lose your deposit if you cancel after that date.

Note: This year's Evening Grand Finales are being held in the Embassy Suites Hotel Atrium. For guest rooms with balconies that look directly over the Grand Finale stage or for extra large or two bed room suites you will need call the NBL directly at 716-763-1111. Keep in mind that with private guestrooms balconies that overlook the Grand Finales, Super Show Banquet & New Year's Eve Party you can eat or drink your own purchases as you wish without hotel facility restrictions that apply to the main floor. So in effect, you can BYOB.

NOTE: Due to the limited amount of guest rooms (only 146) you must book at least 6 consecutive nights to stay at the Embassy Suites Hotel. If booking less than 6 you need to stay at the Marriott. We anticipate the Embassy to be sold out within a month from being announced, so a word to the wise, book a room soon if you want a suite.
Rate $189 + Tax
Phone Reservations: 800-696-6107 (You MUST mention "Super Grands")
6 night minimum stay required (Embassy Suites only)
Online Reservations: Click here
Complimentary cook to order breakfast and evening reception with free drinks and snacks
Each suite comes with a parlor (with pull-out sofa) equaling the size of the bedroom
Up to 3 vouchers per room for discount player registration
Free WiFi
Refrigerator and microwave
Parking is $10. Don't pay attention to what the website says.
Parking can bee free if you want to walk a few blocks
NOTE: Do not book at the Embassy Suites if you are concerned about noise. With the Grand Finale being held in the Atrium you must agree not to complain about noise and video in the atrium and agree to keep your balcony lights off and sliding doors curtains shut or room lights off during all Finales. If you want to be noise free, please stay at the Marriott.

Rate $169 + Tax
Phone Reservations: 800-320-0934 (You MUST mention "Super Grands")
No minimum stay required
Online Reservations: Click here
Complimentary breakfast
Upscale newly redesigned guest rooms
Up to 2 vouchers per room for discount player registration
Free WiFi
Parking is $10. Don't pay attention to what the website says.
Parking can be free if you want to walk a couple blocks

For Further Information Including Larger 2 Bedroom Suites &
Guest Rooms Overlooking Finales
Phone - 716-763-1111

- 7-11pm Registration
2-11pm Registration 7:27pm NBL Team Forms, Self Defense, Breaking, Jr Team Sparring, Weapons, Junior & Adult Continuous Stick Fighting

9-5pm Registration 7:27pm Team Grand Finale - Junior & Adult Teams, Hyper Finals
11am NBL -

Junior Kenpo Forms, Musical Weapons, Point Sparring, Point Stick Fighting
Adult Kenpo & Soft Forms, Men’s Team Sparring, Point Stick Fighting
Amateurs - Musical Forms, Creative Weapons
8-5pm Registration 7:27pm Grand Finale 1 - Junior Point Sparring, Weapons, Japanese, Kenpo & SD
10am NBL - Junior - Soft & Japanese Forms, Creative & Traditional Weapons
- Adult - Soft & Korean Forms, Point Sparring & Weapons
Amateurs - Japanese & Korean Forms, Musical Weapons
8-1pm Registration 7:27pm Grand Finale 2 - Adult Point Sparring, Weapons, Soft & SD
10am NBL - Junior - Musical, Creative & Korean Forms, Continuous Sparring
- Adult - Japanese Forms, Creative & Traditional Weapons, Point Sparring
Amateurs - Musical, Japanese & Korean Forms, BB Divisions
8-1pm Registration
10am NBL - Junior - Musical Forms 2:27pm Grand Finale 3 - Junior Continuous
Sparring, Contemporary and Korean Forms
- Adult - Creative & Musical Forms, Continuous Sparring 7:27pm Grand Finale 4 - Adult Continuous Sparring, Contemporary and Traditional Forms
Amateurs - Traditional Forms, Musical & Traditional Weapons, SD, Breaking & Team Sparring, BB Divisions
8-2pm Registration 6:00pm Super Show - Awards Banquet and Overall Grandchampionships
11pm New Year’s Party
10am Amateurs - Junior & Adult Contemporary Forms, Chinese/Kenpo Forms, Sparring, BB Divisions & Handicapable


You can fill out your cards directly in your computer and print them off to send in. All you need is Adobe Acrobat. Just click on the links below, and download the player cards. General information (Numbers 2, 3, 4, 5 & the top of the backside) such as your name, country, state, etc. will be automatically filled in on all your cards when you first fill in your first card. You just need to enter specific information on each card such as division number, conference, national ranking, etc.

The following is REQUIRED:

1. All forms cards MUST be printed in yellow paper
2. All sparring cards MUST be printed in gray paper
3. All cards MUST be printed on one page front and back. We WILL NOT accept player’s cards glued or stapled together.
4. DO NOT forget to sign each card on the back.

How to Fill in a Player Card for the Super Grands and Amateur Int'ls

If you have any doubts on how to properly fill your player cards with your
NBL or SKIL rankings, please click on

How to - Super Grands Player's Cards for NBL

How to - Amateur Int'ls Player's Cards for SKIL

and follow the simple and easy instructions. You can pre-register as soon as the
FINAL NBL or SKIL Rankings are available online.

Tournament Information
Phone - 716-763-1111
Email - info@nblskil.com